Frederick Stuart Church

The book, Frederick Stuart Church: A Brush with Imagination

Twenty years in the making: Frederick Stuart Church: A Brush with Imagination presents the life of a remarkable artist and his artistic expression in illustration, painting, etching, and words.

"When viewed against the greater scope of late nineteenth-century American art, the work of Frederick S. Church may at first seem an amusing footnote. Yet his paintings consistently appeared in major exhibitions and found their way into the collections of important patrons of the day such as Freer, Gellaty and Evans.  His diversity in many disciplines helped him to achieve status both as a fine artist and illustrator — a rare feat indeed!  Church's unique vision of a "Peaceable Kingdom," populated with young maidens and wild beasts, stands as a bright singular note in the art of his time, as well as a testament to his personal quest for beauty in art.

As a founding member of the Salmagundi Club, Church's life and work have been of great interest to me, yet there was no definitive reference to turn to.  With this volume, Dale and Rose Marie Horst have filled a critical void in American art scholarship.  Painstakingly researched and lavishly illustrated, it deftly connects the dots of this artist's relationships and achievements in a career spanning over fifty years. Well written, in an easy-to-read format, this book will appeal to a broad audience who, I'm sure, will find it as informative and delightful as I have." - Bob Mueller, Curator, Salmagundi Club

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